Anonymous treatment of alcoholism


Treatment of alcohol dependence - anonymous, in Moscow.

Alcoholism is one of the most common diseases in the world. The Korsakov Clinic of Psychiatry offers various methods of this disease treatment. It must be remembered that even beer alcoholism requires therapy and attention from specialists. Many patients agree to voluntarily carry out treatment, but are afraid of publicity. This is due to fear of conviction from friends, employees, etc. Therefore, in 1999 the RF Healthcare Center adopted a law on anonymous therapy in drug treatment facilities. Clinic of Psychiatry Korsakov conducts anonymous treatment of alcoholism in Moscow. We created all conditions for a comfortable stay of patients, with possibility to live outside the clinic. Anonymous therapy gives more effectiveness, a person does not fear that information about his/her bad habit would be spread, it gives confidence and the opportunity to be calmly engaged in rehabilitation.

Anonymous treatment of alcoholism in Moscow

Anonymous treatment of alcoholism is carried out in a complex way by many methods. The system is based on modern practices and time-tested actions.

• The drug method is aimed at reducing cravings for alcoholic beverages. Reception of medical products is under close supervision of specialists who follow the analysis and reaction to different components of the drugs. The course of medications intake largely depends on the form of alcoholism and the state of the patient health.

• Confidential consultation-conversation with a psychologist. During such conversations, not only the patient, but the whole family can be present. The task of this method is to convince the patient of the necessity and expediency of the therapy, thereby saving loved ones from suffering and returning a normal life to all family members.

• One of the most difficult stages is rehabilitation. The patient must realize the presence of the problem and the need to get rid of it. Such people require support of close people, their psychological help, so that the patient has a taste for life, but without alcohol.

• Group therapy and meetings with "companions in misfortune" help a person to quickly come to the desire and striving to change their lives for the better.

• Treatment of alcoholism in a hospital in Moscow (cost) also includes programs for the recovery and correction of consciousness and psyche. Psychotherapists and psychiatrists work with patients. These rehabilitation courses help identify the cause of the damage to the psyche and begin to eradicate the problem from the root.

Treatment of alcoholism in the hospital

Often the treatment of alcoholism in a hospital in Moscow begins with the elimination of hard drinking. For this purpose, specialists use medical drugs that remove toxins and products of alcohol breakdown from the blood. Medicines selection takes into account the patient's sex, age and stage of the disease. Sometimes a drug-free way of getting out of hard drinking is impossible because of problems with the liver or high pressure. Alcoholism treatment Clinics in Moscow includes high-profile specialist who will help to get out of the hard drinking, code, conduct treatment and psychotherapy. It should be noted that effectiveness of therapy largely depends on the person himself, and his/her desire to return to normal life. The Korsakov Clinic specializes in an integrated approach to solving this problem. Specialists of the clinic also conduct treatment for female alcoholism, which has its own peculiarities, the course is aimed at changes and conditions typical for the female body. After the treatment, rehabilitation therapy is mandatory. It helps to consolidate the result.