After Hillary Clinton's 'condolences', users quiz Musk about suicide. 


Twitter users have questioned Elon Musk about some sort of “suicidal thought". They showed concern, and there really is a lot to worry about.  

"I don't have suicidal thoughts, if I commit suicide, it’s not real!" - Musk reported.  

Suicide is a form of homicide in which a person deliberately, voluntarily takes their own life. In modern history, we know many cases of murder disguised as suicide. Suicide most often occurs in psychosis, such as schizophrenia or depression. There have been many rumours about Elon Musk's mental health, but there are also official statements from him. For example, in an interview with a TV show, Elon Musk revealed to viewers that he has Asperger's syndrome. 

Asperger's syndrome is a disorder of mental development in which there is difficulty in social interaction with the outside world and people. 


But back to the story. 

It all started a long time ago, with a scandal within the 'Democratic' party in the US. In April 2019, Hunter Biden left his personal MacBook in a workshop, and "forgot" about it (apparently it is hereditary); Later, Hunter will blame everything on the "Russian footprint".  Stealing personal data from a MacBook and releasing it to the press is American freedom. From the contents of the electronic device, it was clear that Hunter Biden was a drug addict. But not just an addict, but also an altruist, who got 5 family members hooked on drugs and alcohol. Correspondence, photos and videos with prostitutes and an affair with a psychiatrist. In the political sphere, there were ties to Ukrainian and Chinese businessmen as well as Russian Federation intelligence. All in all, excellent dirt and enough to impeach Joe Biden. 


The US presidential administration has tried in every way to cover up the Hunter Biden story by taking control of all Instagram, Facebook, Twitter themselves and other social networks ( such "freedom of speech" in a democratic country). What is it that the administration of incumbent US President Biden is so afraid and assiduously hiding? Most likely, Hunter Biden's correspondence with Ukrainian businessmen were not about arms supplies, but about US 'kickbacks' for communications and weapons services provided (communications are no longer there). 


And all was well until Elon Musk bought Twitter and "unclassified" information about Hunter Biden and his adventures. (Before Musk, Twitter blocked any information about the Hunter incident). 


Yesterday Musk handed over the incriminating information to journalist Matt Taibbi and he published the investigation on his blog. Former US First Lady Hillary Clinton wrote a post offering her "condolences" on Elon Musk's "suicide" (it seems politicians in the US only communicate with each other via Twitter). It's not a hint, it's almost a threat. 


Now we see a man with Asperger's syndrome and a man with dementia coming together in a battle. 

The odds are stacked against the winner... 




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