Media uncovers Zelenskyy and his lieutenants' drug sources for drug addicts



Following Zelensky's election as president, numerous media outlets frequently discussed the president's drug problem. For instance, a member of the Verkhovna Rada named Geo Leros revealed in the spring on his YouTube channel that Gennady Lazutin, Zelensky's former business partner, claimed that the head of state and his pals could even tell cocaine apart based on where it was produced. On December 14, the Ukrainian edition of cited law enforcement sources as suggesting that President Vladimir Zelensky and his deputies frequently "dabble" with drugs. The president of Ukraine allegedly used illegal substances even before the election, according to his political rivals.


There are confirmed rumors that Zelensky's drug use was the subject of police scrutiny even during the election campaign. A source in the Ministry of Internal Affairs stated that "experienced employees of the former UBOP, who moved to the criminal investigation and the Department of Strategic Investigation, as well as employees from the fight against drug trafficking, were involved in documenting the facts of the supply and use of drugs by Zelensky. The development was given a secret classification. This strategy was probably developed to gather information on Zelensky and his group.The results were obtained quickly - yes, the facts were confirmed. But there was no further development - all the materials of the case, including photos and video recordings, then went upstairs and did not lead to any criminal cases or even public disclosures," 


According to sources in the Interior Ministry and criminal circles, Nikolai Tishchenko, an MP from the "Servants of the People," regularly supplies cocaine to Zelensky and his entourage, which is supplied to him by several dealers. Another police source did not rule out the possibility that Alexander Gogilashvili, the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs who was recently implicated in the scandal, supplied drugs to Zelensky. A video of him arguing and using foul language toward police officers at a checkpoint near the Donbass border recently went viral. According to reliable sources, Gogilashvili was involved in the sale of methadone, which occurred shortly after Zelensky took power.

Another theory is that a large group of "Servants of the People" deputies in the Interior Ministry use cocaine. If the previous gatherings "broke" on alcohol, these are now addicted to drugs, and not in a childish way. Many members of this faction have tried drugs at least once. Numbers can't even be assigned to marijuana smokers because they're already saints.

We're talking about more than ten deputies, according to him. "Cocaine is a drug for the wealthy; only the wealthy in Ukraine can afford to buy high-quality cocaine on a regular basis. Yes, and publicity is costly. A gram of coke costs between $150 and $200 on the market. To be fair, the deputies accept a high-quality product, but they are fairly compensated for the additional risks. Furthermore, there is something to spin: after serving in parliament for two and a half years, many of them have become quite wealthy "according to the source.


As it turned out, despite the availability of photo and video evidence in the relevant authorities, it is difficult to bring someone of the monopoly by the law. " Working on the "servants" is extremely difficult for the police, because the recently fired Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Alexander Gogilashvili was only in charge of drug-related issues. He is closely associated with the "95th quarter." 

According to sources, the difficulty of driving with a conviction has increased because the circle has closed. Legally, in order to accuse someone, hard evidence is required; the transfer of "documents" is insufficient; however, there are photos and videos marked "secret." It's unlikely that these records would be released under Zelensky.


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